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Keep your Fire Protection
System Safe and Compliant

Keep your Fire Protection System Safe and Compliant

Orion from FireFlex Systems is a easy to setup, near real-time remote monitoring system made for smarter fire protection and beyond.

Why use Orion

Modernize infrastructure monitoring and comply with NFPA 13 / NFPA 25 leak rate testing. Get weekly / monthly pressure reports, visualize system status and plan predictive maintenance with Orion, the all-in-one facility management solution.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Remote Smart Monitoring

  • Monitor and analyze multiple fire protection systems
  • Plan self-directed, efficient system inspection
  • Save on travel, operating and maintenance costs
  • Benefit from a clearer overview of the infrastructure

Protect buildings, its people and their equipment

Alerts and Notifications

  • Stay connected to your systems on the go
  • Visualize the state of a system remotely
  • Get instant alerts and threshold notifications by SMS or Email thanks to smart sensors measuring :
    • Ambiant temperature monitoring
    • Compressor runtime and cycle
    • Water pressure, etc.

Simplify Fire Prevention

Compliance Monitoring Made-Easy

  • Plug & Play Smart Fire Prevention System
  • Easy to use web platform
  • No Ethernet cable. No IT guy needed
  • Secure, encrypted data
  • Comply with industry standards, NFPA requirements
ORION Remote Smart Monitoring Screen - 03

How it works

Orion mainly consists in a smart datalogger using LTE CAT-M1 and a web application, the Orion Portal. This is the ideal monitor for building managers, maintenance contractors and current FireFlex customers ready to step up with smart monitoring.

Standalone or integrated with Fireflex cabinet, the Orion box (Fireflex LTE Datalogger) supports data transmission from up to 4 external 4-20 mA smart sensors. Specifically, it uses cellular connectivity (LTE) to send analog values from different type of sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity etc.)

Orion users can consult the Portal to query the different modules/sensors and display values on graphs or tables. The Orion solution also offers real-time alerts and threshold alerts, which notify you about the activities in your environment.

Orion is quick to install

  1. Open the box that contain the FireFlex Orion, it should contain all the necessary material
  2. Install the FireFlex Orion on the equipment
  3. Plug the Power Cable
  4. Connect the 4-20 mA transducer to the input of the FireFlex Orion
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Under Construction Sites

Monitor your sites the easy way

  • Do not let your working sites without surveillance. Orion can get the job done.
  • Protect each phase of your project.
  • Get instant data on temperature, pressure and other key parameters for keeping your assets safe.

Integration with FireFlex Vactec

Connected to the smart pressure controller inside the FireFlex Vactec Vaccum System

  • Monitor the level of vacuum inside the piping network
    • Custom notification by SMS or email for vacuum level

  • Display the FLX-PC (Pressure controller) screen and data remotely

  • Monitor pump runtime and cycles in seconds

Standalone (Without Cabinet)

Smart Monitoring for Any Fire Protection System

  • Orion provides priming pressure data
  • The system can also monitor anything with the 4-20mA loop;
    • Water pressure
    • Water level inside main pipe
    • Air pressure
    • Priming pressure
    • Air temperature/humidity
    • Switch State
    • IR Detector
    • Pump pressure

Connected To The ECS Smart Gas Analyzer

Monitor Nitrogen Concentration with a Connection to The ECS Smart Gas Analyzer 

  • Monitor the concentration of N2 inside the sprinkler system remotely from your workspace or your cellphone;
    • Send SMS and/or email directly to you or your maintenance team
    • Benefit from a perfect option fit with the purchase a of TOTALPAC N2
  • Add customized notification levels
  • Ice plug monitoring available

Monitoring High Pressure Transducer

Connected to the high pressure transducer on the pressurized cylinders

  • Suitable option for ICAF systems
  • Detect a leak inside the piping with the Advance leak monitor prior to a supervisory condition
  • User defined notifications for high pressure level

Fireflex Dual / Fireflex 1230 Integration

Benefit from the installation of a pressure transducer inside the FireFlex 1230 Cabinet

  • Detect a leak inside the cylinder tank with the Advance leak monitor, prior to a supervisory condition
  • User defined notifications for high pressure/low pressure level